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Early College High School

About Early College High School


We invite you to discover the possibilities at Everman Collegiate High School, where excellence and innovation converge to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Early College program at Everman Collegiate High School is dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience for high school students. It seamlessly combines the best of both worlds, allowing students to earn their high school diploma while simultaneously working towards a college associate degree. In partnership with Tarrant County College South Campus, we are committed to eliminating barriers and expanding opportunities for higher education.

Early College High School programs are designed to merge high school and college curricula. This approach offers students a rigorous educational experience that prepares them for higher education while enabling them to earn up to two years of college credit (equivalent to 60 credit hours) at no cost. Beyond accessibility, these programs foster a college environment where students can confidently pursue academic success.

Early College High School programs focus on predominantly underrepresented or low-performing student populations, cultivating a college-going culture and providing an academic environment that supports struggling learners. The primary goal is to offer students opportunities to excel academically, obtain college credentials, and develop technical skills, thus preparing them for in-demand career paths and higher education attainment.

At the heart of Everman Collegiate High School’s Early College High School Program lies our commitment to nurturing a supportive community that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and personal growth.  Our staff is dedicated to guiding and supporting students at every step of their journey towards success and higher education, instilling confidence along the way.