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The goal of the department is to promote and enhance scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills in students. We strive to mentor our students and heighten their scientific literacy by imparting a clear understanding of the scientific method through skills of observation, experimentation, data interpretation and analysis, and critical thinking.

Students enrolled in the science curriculum path are provided the best combination of courses in physical and life science. They start with a comprehensive course in health that helps them in their personal growth and development with a clear message of maintaining lifelong fitness, good nutrition, and a well-balanced state of mind, body, soul, and spirit.


Banks, Sheena - Biology
Botello, Leslie - Biology
Cox, Raven - Biology
Franklin, Mallory - Anatomy & Physiology
Hughes, Timothy - Chemistry
Johnson, Ezekiel - Science
Lockhart, Jennifer - Physics
Marshall, Katie - Biology
Pizana Rojas, Jose - Physics
Smalls, Rahsirearl - EC Science
Todd, Darius - Chemistry
Ward, Kirsten - Chemistry