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While goals and objectives vary by grade-level and course in the Math Department, every teacher and every lesson is guided by the following overarching goals and objectives:

  • Encourage our students to be life-long learners by modeling that mindset
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Actively involve students in the learning process to increase their understanding of the learning, their retention, and their motivation
  • Awaken students' interests and passions to engage all students in independent thinking
  • Provide students analytical and informative feedback on their academic performance to increase motivation & persistence
  • Help our students to be high achievers
  • Prepare our students to be able to face the new world challenges in discipline, technology, and well-being
  • Nurture students to coach them towards self-advocacy to become good citizens who will be able to build, good, caring, loving and faithful communities
  • Utilize the Multiple Intelligence Theory as a vehicle for helping students understand and apply content
  • Create a classroom environment that allows students to own their education and process information the way they do in the real world, believing that kids are our future and education is their future.


Aviles, Johnny - Geometry
Bauer, Robert - Math Inclusion
Boone Jr., Michael - Pre Calculus
Boone Sr., Michael - AP Calculus
Cole, Diana - Algebra I
Cooley, Rebecca - Geometry
Crawford, Kristi - Algebra II
Duwii, Michael - College Prep Math
Flores, Javier - Algebra II
Guess, Jason - College Prep Math
Kigigha, Mercedes - Algebra I
Laman, Megan - Pre. Calculus
Rolfe, Ashlyn - Math
Shaw, Lashonda - Algebra I
Shobiye, Emmanuel - Math Inclusion
Sigler, Melissa - AP Statistics