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Department Overview

Counseling & Guidance

The mission of the Everman Joe C. Bean High School counseling program is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program to facilitate their academic, career, social, and emotional development. As guided by the ASCA National Model, the ultimate objective is to help students identify their interests and abilities, enhance productivity, dependability, self-expression and control, accurate decision-making and conflict-resolution skills along with other competencies that will remediate students deficits, strengthen their unique capabilities and enable the youth to participate in a global society as responsible citizens.

The school counseling program, through the advocacy and leadership of the school counselors, discovers and facilitates the removal of barriers to learning for all students. Collaboration and cooperation between counselors, students, faculty, administrators, parents, and the community will provide a safe and caring environment to assist all students in becoming responsible and productive lifelong learners.


Angelia Archie
Counselor, Cohort 2024

Chandra Jackson
Counselor, Cohort 2025

Tiesha Gardner
Counselor, Cohort 2026

Jennifer Cockerell
Counselor, Cohort 2027

Charlotte Parker
Counselor, Early College


Creshendle Antonia


Communities In School Counselor
Destiny Doines